Computer Vision, Machine Learning Engineer / Deep Learning Engineer – Job Order 2637

New York, NY
(could be in Silicon Valley, CA if need be)
Willing to sponsor an H-1B visa
PhD or MS degree
Compensation flxible at $130K++
3+ years or relevant work experience.

As a senior computer vision engineer, you will design and develop algorithms for our home and small business customers. You will review the literature to find the right approaches, select and build models and software accordingly, test and validate them using the ground truth infrastructure we offer. You will then see your work deployed for the smart home devices, in millions of homes.

Some of the things they currently do include semantic segmentation, object detection and tracking,
action classification, scene segmentation, sound, voice or noise classification, biometrics. The
amount of data they have and the ambitions for the video analysis capabilities create an environment where you will pick unique challenges and deploy your solutions on millions of cameras.

• Design models for achieving specific video or audio analytic goals
• Perform model training / algorithm development and optimization.
• Optimize and compromise for speed, size or accuracy
• Select or develop algorithms for performing a variety of computer vision or audio related
• Create or modify software and tools for implementing your algorithms and models on a
variety of hardware platforms
• Work with a team of software and hardware engineers to productize the software and tools
that you have developed
• Work with product marketing teams to:
o help convey your analytics features in a compelling fashion
o understand customer feedback and define new iterations of our features
o define the next big thing(s) on the roadmap
• Present and discuss your work with company executives, board members, etc.
Skills and Requirements
• Ph.D or MSc in Machine Learning or Computer Vision
• Experience in writing software in company, startup, or other industrial framework
• Experience with deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, TensorFlow, or Torch
• Experience with OpenCV or DLIB

• Familiarity with state of the art for computer vision. Deep knowledge of one of the following
approaches: CNNs and deep learning, SVM, Bayesian Networks, boosting, feature based
detection (SIFT/SURF family), object tracking, video analytics.
• Strong fluency in C++, Python
• Ability to work independently, in a SCRUM-like environment
• You need to like code reviews, continuous integration, automated extensive testing, large
and rich groundtruth sets.
• A love for beautiful code
• Humility, respect, and a tremendous desire to learn

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