Computer Vision Scientist – Job Order 2549

Silicon Valley, CA
PhD or PhD candidate in Computer Vision, Deep Learning
Willing to sponsor H-1B or OPT
Relocation to Silicon Valley may be OPTIONAL

Will design and develop algorithms, models, and software for advanced video and audio analytics features for smart home devices. This area may comprise both deep learning and/or traditional machine learning or computer vision techniques and algorithms. Specific areas of interest include semantic segmentation, object detection, tracking, classification, or recognition, among other areas of interest.

Job Responsibilities:
Design trainable models for achieving specific video or audio analytic goals
Perform model training and optimization. Optimize for speed, size, accuracy, or all of these
Select or develop algorithms for performing a variety of computer vision or audio related tasks
Create or modify software and tools for implementing your algorithms and models on a variety of hardware platforms
Work with a team of software and hardware engineers to productize the software and tools that you have developed
Work with product marketing teams to help convey your analytics features in a compelling fashion
Present and discuss your work with executives, board members, etc.

Skills and Requirements:
PhD or PhD candidate in Computer Science or Computer Vision
Familiarity with deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, TensorFlow, or Torch
Familiarity with traditional machine learning and computer vision frameworks such as OpenCV, DLIB, etc.
Familiarity with current state of the art for computer vision
Understanding of and experience with a broad spectrum of statistical and image processing algorithms
Experience in C/C++, Python, Lua, or equivalent
Experience using development tools such as SVN, GIT, GCC/G++
Ability to work independently

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