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Machine Learning, AI, Computer Vision Engineering – Job Order 2977

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AI Software Developer – Job Order 2977

Princeton, NJ 08540
Compensation will be competitive
Sponsorship of H-1B visas is available
Relocation allowance is available

Funding for this startup is provided by the same organization that is funding Tesla, SpaceX and D-Wave

We are looking for strong AI developer to join us in making AI models run efficiently on edge devices. This position will involve leading and participating in the development of algorithms, software and systems for embedded AI applications. You will help develop algorithms, software and applications in areas such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, IOT and consumer electronics. You’ll work with a variety of customers and partners ranging from application developers to processor vendors. We are looking for developers with background in deep learning, computer vision, or signal processing.


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering
2+ years of software development experience in computer vision, machine learning, or related areas in industry. These individuals will have had experience getting product out the door.

Desired skills

Proven ability to work on collaborative software development
Experience with OpenCV, Python, Matlab
Experience using machine learning frameworks (Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras)

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