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Machine Learning Engineer, molecular dynamics – Job Order 3195

Machine Learning Engineer, molecular dynamics – Job Order 3195

H-1B sponsorship is available
Expected annual base salary: $250,000-$550,000
Sign-on bonus equal to 60% of base salary
Very generous relocation package is available

This company is pursuing long-term projects aimed at transforming the process of drug discovery and achieving major advances in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology using high-performance computation. To further these goals, we have designed and built three generations of special-purpose supercomputer, as well as a variety of simulation tools that run on commodity clusters and GPUs. They are now seeking additional chip designers and VLSI engineers to join our interdisciplinary New York-based team of talented engineers and scientists. These hires will focus on continuing to develop state-of-the-art technology in support of our mission, and will have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across our group who have a variety of technological and scientific backgrounds.

* Demonstrated experience in developing machine learning approaches for biophysics, biochemistry, structural biology, drug discovery, cheminformatics, quantum chemistry, etc.
* With a focus on deep learning techniques (deep neural networks, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, deep reinforcement learning, deep belief nets, Boltzmann machines, graphs, transfer learning, etc.)
* We are open to considering candidates of all experience levels (provided there is ample evidence of deep learning expertise)
* Strong Python programming ability (additional coding experience is a plus)
* Relevant industries/areas: pharma/biotech., tech., academic labs, ML-driven startups doing drug discovery/protein research, etc.

To apply for this job email your details to

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