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Senior Compiler Research Scientist – Job Order 3170

Senior Compiler Research Scientist – Job Order 3170

Kingston, NJ 08528
Compensation will be competitive
Sponsorship of existing H-1B visas is available
Relocation allowance is available

My client is a startup focused on the creation of a product that simplifies the incorporation of AI models into devices at the edge of the network and it is framework, hardware and OS independent enabling rapid deployment of their customers products.

This position will involve leading and participating in the development of software and systems for embedded AI applications. You will help develop algorithms, software, and applications in areas such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, IoT, and consumer electronics. You’ll work with a variety of customers and partners ranging from application developers to processor vendors. We are looking for developers with a background in deep learning, compilers, or compiler optimizations.


PhD/Master Degree in Computer Science or Engineering
5+ year industry experience in software development or similar domains
2+ years experience developing production-quality compilers, tools, or similar system software.
Knowledge of compiler internals including experience working on one or more compiler toolchains.
Knowledge of programming fundamentals, especially in C/C++, with a understanding of parallel computer architectures and optimizations.
Experience with writing an optimization pass, or some other IR manipulation pass in TVM, LLVM, MLIR, or GLOW

Desired skills

Proven ability to work on collaborative software development
Experience with OpenCV and Python
Experience using machine learning frameworks (Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras) is preferable but not required
We are looking for someone who collaborates effectively on a team, and thrives in a fast-paced, highly fluid environment.

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