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Technical Director. computer vision and machine learning – Job Order 2978

Technical Director. computer vision and machine learning
Kingston, NJ 08528

Technical Director
We are looking for strong AI leaders to join us in developing AI algorithms that run efficiently on edge devices. This position will involve technical expertise and leading a small team working on our products and technology roadmap. You will help develop algorithms, software and applications in areas such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, IOT, and consumer electronics. You’ll work with a variety of customers and partners ranging from application developers to processor vendors. We are looking for experts with a proven background in deep learning, computer vision, compilers or signal processing.

The Technical Director / Technical Manager is a priority. These are typically mid-career folks that are currently working but may be looking for transition. There is a difference in level of expertise between director and manager, from my client’s perspective. At the director level, the candidate needs to have clear technical accomplishments and able to recruit new talent. Experience in management would be important. For a manager level, this would be someone more hands on.

My client is looking for someone who has ML/AI and computer vision expertise. I would like to see publications in their area because at this level, they should be able to write, present, and communicate to c-level.


Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science or Engineering
5+ years of software development experience in computer vision, machine learning, or related areas
Desired skills

Proven ability to work on collaborative software development
Experience with OpenCV, Python, Matlab
Experience using machine learning frameworks (Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras)

To apply for this job email your details to

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