RF & Wireless Design Engineer – Job Order 2815

US Citizen’s preferred
Full-time or 6 month contract
Preferred location: Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
Alternative location: Barnardsville, NJ 07924
Compensation $135K to $150K for fulltime or $100/hr contract

Candidate will consult, provide recommendations and perform as a trusted technical advisor for the deployment of 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE and possibly WiFi services along the right-of-ways and tunnels in public infrastructure. Candidate will review customer requirements, vendor submissions, contract documents, field surveys, in some cases visit specific locations to evaluate and provide recommendations for the site deployment and render opinions and recommendations about the wireless architecture, choice and configuration of technology, deployment options, and order-of-magnitude system costs. Candidate must be articulate and have excellent verbal communication skills. Candidate must be comfortable with providing extemporaneous recommendations during customer meetings, drawing upon a strong technical background. Candidate will be working with customers that have limited knowledge of wireless systems, and therefore must be able to explain complex technological issues in clear and plain language. Candidate must be able to work in an environment with multiple stakeholders.

Candidate must have a thorough understanding of commercial cellular wireless systems. This includes 3G, 4G, 5G and LTE technologies. Candidate should understand the international standards that apply to these technologies and the theoretical underpinnings of each technology. The candidate must understand the pragmatic deployment issues associated with each of these technologies. Candidate must be able to compare these technologies to the customer during meetings, and highlight the advantages and limitations of each. Candidate needs a solid understanding of typical cellular deployments and be able to delineate to the customer the type of equipment used in various scenarios. The candidate must have comprehensive knowledge of the different antenna types used for commercial cellular services and an understanding of the advantages of each in practical applications. This includes the use of various distributed antenna systems. Candidate must understand outside plant engineering practices associated with the placement of antennas and other RF equipment in a variety of locations. The candidate will be expected to review installation options while onsite and provide extemporaneous comments and recommendations. The candidate needs to elucidate how natural and man-made objects impact cellular coverage. The candidate is expected to have a basic understanding of capacity planning and spectrum allocation.

It would be helpful for the candidate to be familiar with the major U.S. cellular carriers, their services and characteristics. The candidate should have some familiarity with the major cellular equipment vendors, their products and the equipment needed to implement the various types of cell sites. It would be useful for the candidate to have an understanding of how the different carriers fit into the U.S. cellular market and be able to research market issues.

Candidate must have a solid understanding of commercial WiFi technologies that are used for public WiFi networks. This includes both trunked and mesh WiFi systems. Candidate must have comprehensive knowledge of WiFi antennas including distributed antenna systems. Candidate should be familiar with services that are based on these technologies.

Candidate must have a Masters Degree or equivalent work experience.
We prefer the candidate have a minimum of 15 years work experience of wireless design or deployment projects.

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