Welcome to accurIT STAFFING corporation!

accurIT STAFFING corporation is a recruiting or search firm that provides computer engineering professionals throughout the United States. Our technical niche is software and hardware design engineers and engineering support professionals such as software test (SQA), systems and applications engineers and we work primarily with engineering departments engaged in the development of infrastructure, network, and communications-related products including such things server development , virtualization, videoconferencing software, multimedia, audio and video, cognitive wireless networks, mobile computing, network security, storage and similar products. On the software side these professionals generally come from a Linux or real-time C C++ environment with additional skills perhaps in multithreaded or multiprocessor programming and often it is part of an embedded system or system software. Many are also involved in system software development, primarily involving c/c++ and linux and often found working on distributed or high-availability computing. From a hardware side the individual might be an fpga design engineer. Most candidates come with domain expertise in performance-driven areas such as telecommunications, mobile computing, wireless communications, video and audio, multimedia, etc.

How are we different? We only fill technically challenging positions and we pride ourselves on our technical breadth which enables us to precisely match candidates with careers so the client sees very few but high sigma candidates.

Flexible pricing is another key difference. We work on an hourly basis for as few hours as we are needed or on a contingency basis with pay plans that can be extended to as long as 12 months. We even have a $0 6-month contract-to-hire plan.

For engineers with the right skills, we may be willing to market you to existing and prospective clients throughout the country. Our efforts would include submittal or resumes to existing clients, emailers to our database of tens of thousands of contacts, and custom search and cold calls to new clients.