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accurIT STAFFING corporation was founded in 2000 with a concentration on engineering opportunities. It was founded by Paul Reino and only employs recruiters with a technical background. accurIT STAFFING corporation is more than just a supplement to your recruiting efforts. We are an extension to your engineering department.

Naturally, accurIT STAFFING corporation provides recruiting services for fulltime employees, primarily software and hardware engineers and other technical professionals found in engineering departments. And, also, we are capable of finding, and placing contract professionals with the same set of skills. This enables our clients to not only gain access to such professionals on an “as needed basis”, but it also allows them a “try before you buy” option for candidates being considered for fulltime employment.

But, as an adjunct to your engineering departments we are often chartered to seek out and provide individuals with uncommon and hard to find skills. We are provided with a problem and asked to find a solution as opposed to being handed a job order and being told to find a candidate.

Our fees can be fixed or we can spread the payments over as long as 12 months (ask about our 2% Solution). And we now can arrange for a zero-dollar buyout on a contract to hire arrangement for certain candidates eliminating your need to get approval to pay recruiting fees.

An alternative to contingency recruiting is Contract Recruiting. Contingency search works best where the recruiting company feels confident that the designated position can be filled in a short period of time. When the position cannot be readily filled because of any number of circumstances (the location of the client, the rare nature of the required skill or combination of skills, etc.), the contingency company is forced to limit its effort in the pursuit of candidates and must move onto other job orders. Under such circumstances there is an approach that works best for both the contingency firm and the client – contract hourly search. For an hourly fee plus expenses our recruiter will perform whatever recruiting functions you request.

Some of these activities might include:

  • Interviewing managers and creating the job order
  • Create interview questions
  • Selecting appropriate places to post the job orders
  • Monitor the response to the postings and process the resumes
  • Screen the candidates
  • Arrange for interviews
  • Conduct the interviews
  • Do background checks on selected candidates
  • Mine specific sources of candidates (job boards, social networks, company-generated lists)
  • Research mailing lists and conduct mailing campaigns
  • Prospect for sales contacts

The advantages to the client include but are not limited to:

  • A dedicated effort by the recruiter to pursue candidates to fill positions regardless of the level of difficulty
  • All candidates that result from this effort are owned by the client
  • The only fee is the hourly rate unless other arrangements are made
  • This effort can be “virtual” so the client does not need to provide resources for the recruiter
  • The client can choose to increase or decrease the recruiting effort to suite their purpose
There are some genuine benefits to the use of a contract recruiter, especially when a client has difficult to fill positions that require a sustained effort.

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